N-The adventure of a ninja-Lev.1-Jungle

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Author Tunco123
Tags action author:tunco123 gauss hard mine rated tunco123
Created 2009-01-24
Last Modified 2009-04-16
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description After you leave your base you come to a jungle..
You realise that there are only some ground guards but after you saw those deadly gauss towers....
Control says:
-N! N! Where are you???
-I'm at the jungle...
-Give me your coordinates....!!!!
-I don't know...
-Think quick!!!We don't have much time....
-Ugh..There are some gauss towers and ground guards....This place has lots of golds but unneeded...
-OK...Collect the golds...We need 'em for further missions...
-İt's very dangerous I said!!!!
-Hey control!!!!!
-Can you hear me!!!
Then you realise the stupid phone is not working...And there is only way out..
The jungle...

Level 2-Mountains []

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Duer zpam!!

Gah!! 2/5

The doors made it so you couldn't jump right becasue you can still collide with them, and the floorgaurds were spammed. Also, to much gold.
It's massive object spam.

Eh, its okay.

3/5 aswell

the doors made the level ALOT easier


not bad. the doors were a little annoying, but it's a good level.

faved so i don't forget this map so i could see this adventure continued.

it was okay

it just changed around the gameplay a bit which was good, but the doors were overdone.