The Sunset In My Backyard

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Author Meatpuppet
Tags action author:meatpuppet meatchocolate technopuppet unrated
Created 2009-01-26
Last Modified 2009-01-26
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Description A collaboration between technochocolate and me.

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And it was easy! the first thing i tried!
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how do I do em?

I don't mind

how you put the new trapdoors though anymore, but yeah i still wanted something more in the cave.

I didn't think

you were gonna post it yet. I asked for your opinion, wether you wanted to keep it or not, only cuz i didn't like using trap doors as platforms. It kinda sounds negative towards me the way you word it.

I tried

to add some playability in the cave,but techno didn't like it. But,your belief on the tileset is contrary to other peoples'.


was fun, but I really dont like the tileset, it looks like no time was put into it, the whole cave area I started in just was poor, but I really liked the rest of the gameplay, it was fun and well done, nice work with floorguard and chain