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Author DarkandroidLoN
Tags 2r author:darkandroidlon playable sci-fi unrated
Created 2009-01-27
Last Modified 2009-01-27
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Map Data

Description Story:
This residential habitat is implanted into an alien world.
But, as the Ninja has been away for a while, some areas have been infected by robots.
Now, how to get out?


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also, i like N+ graphics...


Maybe if someone would be kind enough to make me one...


it's preset. boring!


Maybe I LIKE my avatar.

save my avatar

and put it on yours,

*save picture as

then go into your account and edit settings


great first map.
i love it!

the hidden thwumps were kinda annoying, but not hard.

take a look at some of my maps? Thanks!


I think that well used mines aswell as a laser-gauss combo with be good :)

And change your avvy darky warky :D
hide thwumps, that was my first ever piece of advice given to me, so I pass it onto you,

another piece of advice is to follow your description, two thumps isnt an infestation, a couple of seekers and maybe a chaingun/laser would have worked well. good first map though

Thanks Rika.

>Yeah, I just didn't want people coming down for some reason...
>But door locks with gold on them look so icky... XD
>I'll keep that in mind.
>Originaly, I had a floor guard as well as the thwump guarding that locked room.
>Okay thanks.


I just did my first double bounce...
I feel like a noob

... ;P

> Don't like all those launch pads on the left (just use one and the player can jump up the rest)
> Get rid of gold clusters
> Stop being so neat, go wild, kinda
> Exesive gold on of the slopes
> Seemed to lack atmoshpere; Try adding objects not too your leisure but so that the player has a challenge
> Try to make your levels actually look good with more colour eg. red mines, blue zap drones, yellow gold etc.
> Next time be adventurous with tilesets, see mine for detalis :)

Overall a good firsts. I know I have seen this before and already told oyu some of these things but I'm commenting here just for the sake of it :D

> Avoid bare rooms unless for an affect, which in tis case it didn't have
> You definetely overdid the doors, like I used to back in the dau :X
> Place objects, especially enemies with special care; Note where they can hurt the ninja, and use other objects to compliment that
> The tileset also needs to be placed in a way that the player has to think "What do I do next?" :D

Sorry for this huge comment. Look forward to some of your other maps!

Rated 3.5^. So that means a 4 ;P