The Tower of Song

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Author wulfgang
Tags action author:wulfgang featured playable rated
Created 2009-01-29
Last Modified 2009-02-05
by 26 people.
Map Data

Description So you can stick your little pins in that voodoo doll
Im very sorry, baby, doesnt look like me at all

This map was featured on 2009-05-03

Crawling through this map really feels like an adventure. Everything from the passageways lined with rows of deadly mines and shining gold to the large chambers with lurking chainguns and laserdrones really sparkles in this map, showing off excellent looks while still boasting great gameplay that will keep you hooked until you manage to escape with only your life (and a king's ransom of gold). Awesome. — PALEMOON

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thiZ iZ gooooood

remix iZ alZo very good


Some 200+ frames faster than ska's. :-D

I like it, proved interesting with the laser and chaingun each having their own little chute that you have to go up and back with. Think I managed pretty sweet dodges in both of them.
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Love the tiles.

I'll play through it later.


3.4/5 seems more fair to me.


That was harsh... I gave it a 4 a long time ago.

1.5/5 ?

Yes, the tiles are nice, but the way the space is used is quite terrible. The gold is ugly and irritating to get, and there are many sections that seemed to be unfinished. The first little bit has a laser turret, a gauss turret, and not 1, but 2 floorguards.

Quite honestly, I got little out of this map. 1.5/5
faved it, way back

congrats, t'was a very good map
Not a fan of the gameplay.

This map is one of the best maps I have ever seen. 5/5

Gold placement

is awesome.
but it's cool ├žos it's 80.000 ;D
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I really liked this level, thanks Palemoon.


slightly faster

that chaingun is so evil
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made you a ded.


nice one. faved.


i loved the way everything was placed, the the tileset was GREAT 2/2 for aesthetics, and 3/3 for gameplay 5/five


great map!!!!


great gameplay, great tileset, great map, great song, what else? faved


your sets are amazing

Very fun

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Way cool.

I'm very impressed wulfgang. Very. much better than your other maps in my opinion. Chaingun was the best part.




i died, but

the demo is cool.

that chaingun set-up at the bottom is basically really god damn amazing. i actually boggled a little when the bullets stopped inches from my face. Too cool.
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I agree

love the upper left mines&gold
amazing tiles, like all your maps
I though maybe the trap door switches detracted from the atmosphere...dunno if you agree? Can't find a better way though to place them, unless you go to the extent of covering them with gold
only tile thing is that the tiles in the far right with the switch look kinda like a face...that bothered me personally
that said, solid 5ave


One of the best action levels I've made for a while.
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