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Author sidke
Tags action author:sidke playable unrated
Created 2009-01-29
Last Modified 2009-01-29
Map Data

Description hold
you have one with 7 cards in your graveyard and the other when you've got Blaze and twenty-one mountains out.

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i win


And I would rate this a 5, but...

Oh well, faved.


NGD speedrun.
Demo Data


It's too horrible to watch...
Demo Data

Very metanetish

Some pretty good rocket rocket dodging, and then one of those "god dammit!" moments.
AGD death:
Demo Data

Don't worry.

You're not the first to impose a rating when they aren't enabled.
It's not like I disabled ratings to, say, prevent people from rating my maps.

and once again...

i show my ignorance by neglecting to see that this map's ratings are disabled.

ok map.

i like it, perhaps more than my rating, but i don't think it deserves any higher than a 3.


good times... goooood times...