so Close, yet so Far

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Author Ncouraging
Tags action author:ncouraging fun medium playable rated rockets
Created 2009-01-29
Last Modified 2009-12-15
by 9 people.
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Description well just post your AGD, RCE, you know... w/e enjoy! im addictied to 5,2, and 3 tiles lately lol.

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lol how did this get a rating if only 3 people played it


like this, is hard but is nice...
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I liked it enough. It was good except for the aesthetics, and i know the enemy placement was for gameplay but it sorta turned out to seem random. Also I wouldn't compartmentalize rockets, I see them as freeflow enemies
The rest of the map seemed very empty and didn't have any real spice. This just seemed to use too much room without any effect on gameplay.