Hanging Gardens

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Author wellsj
Tags author:wellsj playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-10-16
by 18 people.
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Description this is a very fun little jumper i made from my tileset "shattered cliff". i changed it around a bit, and i think made it very fun. there's no enemies, no mines, just N and a bunch of gold he needs to get.
Fastest all gold demo (which beats MY demo) will win a DEDICATION KRADDA which i have already started working on!

please play, comment, leave demos, rate, and enjoy!

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possibly your best map ever made! INCREDIBLE!!!! infinity/5.


that is an amazing demo. just wow. kradda is comin up. will be up some time in the next few days. damn jigger! that was good!


broke 4000 frames, no fbf!
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This demo is absolutely phenomenal!
Demo Data

Oh damn

Didn't see that comment. Gonna get a demo soon I promise.
ps: I NEVER EVER EVER use fbf. That's a bonus :)


jigga! ur almost there. i'm allmost done with the DDA. you better get it!
Dammit I want that dedication
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here's my all gold demo
Demo Data


I can't believe this puny fall killed me so close to an all gold demo!
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i cant give you a dedication for that. however i will give you the KRADDA for my other map. i'm watching your demo right now.

All gold demo...

A dedication map to the first one who watches this demo to the end. :-) j/k.

I love this kind of jumper map, I suck at them, but I love them. And yes this is an all gold demo. (not even my first try either :-).)
Demo Data


naw, i still prefer it this way. sry :(

change in plans.

i'm not gona leave a demo, just to make the competition interesting.

demos that want to qualify for the dedication must be 5500 frames or less.

all demos must be in in the next 40 hours.

Cant you at least cover it up? A little? Like using a '2' or '3' tile.


i'm working on the demo. i'm trying to make it a good length


don't u need 2 post the demo?
im working on getting a dedication from u cos ive just started yours


don't u need 2 post the demo?
im working on getting a dedication from u cos ive just started yours

i guess

i like it that way though.

I like it. But the top corners are kinda empty. Especiallly teh leftone.