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Author Sendy
Tags action author:sendy playable rated
Created 2005-10-16
by 9 people.
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Description This one is actually easy to finish, I promise. Various gold challenges for the more proficient player.

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JUST 1 gold left

YEAH MEN, really liked it.

easier than it looked.
nicer than it looked too.
and i LOVED the fact that the level is divided for "newbies" and for "gold-addicts" (that would be ME).

a pretty nice run.

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I loved it

not too hard either. 4.5

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I'll try for easier maps ;)

Actually, I find getting into the exit quite hard at the end, but if you look, you often win just by touching the outer pixels, even if it looks like you died.


We're noobs?
I'd say I was around the barely-past-novice.

i cant beat it

astro's right. its too hard. or maybe were just newbs. but its still a perfect example of an action map. theres no faults with this map. no complants from me. (cept its too hard). going after gold is lots of fun.

Easy to finish? What are you smoking? That chaingun at the beginning always kicks my pariah's avatar (ass)!
At least it's good to see an action from you.
I liked it.