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Author -LordOfPeanuts-
Tags action author:-lordofpeanuts- experimental playable rated
Created 2009-02-01
Last Modified 2009-02-01
by 21 people.
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Description New and Improved! Now less laggy than ever!

*Press H before playing*

*Read before playing*

Where there are enemies you pick which enemies you want. Some of them have two choices for where they appear. Where there is a locked door key, an exit door and an exit door key you can choose which exit doors to use. The gold is for changing landscape a bit. The launchpad part opens up launchpads. The red S is to choose your starting position.

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Fun, yes

But I personally found tobytrainz's map better, as it forced you to choose. You could even choose not to complete the game and make it a survival mode. Having said that, I rate this map 4.5/5

awesomeness, awesomeness. 5aved.
Came back to play again, only to find that i have dieded.

Demo Data

You are god.

Make another ___ Land map! 5/5

at this point...

you are brilliant. just brilliant.


the most creative mapmaker (period) . .....

Really cool concept. 5/5