I wanna be sedated (3,4)

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Author Ncouraging
Tags action author:ncouraging hard ncouraging playable skill unrated
Created 2009-02-01
Last Modified 2009-02-01
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description DED to Technochocolate for fastest agd on my last map. this is my attempt at making an action map, tell me on how I did!!!!! RCE and post your AGD

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of course it's not special. You can't bend the idea until you've had experience with it first.

it seems unoriginal

alright gameplay but nothing special really and the tileset wasn't that great



after cumulative but fair use of enter. I don't feel like trying to go for a full demo.

I'm estimating

about 2500 frames, actually.


this map has way too much going, and they all require patience and skill, and I dont think I'm willing to play a 10000 frame map


the drones at the bottom-left were annoying at first, but i got the hang of it at the end. A pretty basic action map, but nothing wrong with it. I like it.