What Escaped from the Tremors

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Author BuddyLee
Tags action author:buddylee playable rainbow-magic rated
Created 2009-02-02
Last Modified 2009-02-02
by 5 people.
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Nice demo Buddy,

some intense rocket dodging there (= Here's a speedrun, don't have time to agd it right now. Fav'd for later.
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I really like the look of this one, and the enemies work well together. Very cohesive.


Thanks for the comments, all. Been getting discouragingly few recently.


You should've seen the rocket section before the trapdoors!
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why did you make this map so ridiculously hard to speed?
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first try, I got kinda far, maybe!? that middle room with the rocket is tough =/
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hard map

very nice tiles though
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