Relay, Really?

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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags action author:guitar_hero_matt drones minejumper rated thwumps
Created 2009-02-02
Last Modified 2009-05-13
by 5 people.
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Description Mines go in, mines come out. I'll keep ratings on for this map, as I'm pretty sure there's nothing minor I can fix.

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of slowness
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Thanks, that seems helpful in a pretty cryptic way. Nah, I see what you're saying; you think I should try and be less uniform and try and make something less organised and more interesting?
break your style and then pick up the pieces and put them back together differently until you don't recognize what you had before.

I dunno...

This map seems a little too... constructed? It seems as though you were trying to add in a little bit of flare, the thwump thing was pretty cool at first, but you didn't expand on the idea further. It's almost as though you were trying too hard to keep it uniform that you forgot to add in a random jump or an oddball route that required one to complete the map but was just there for the pure fun of it and not to fit in with the rest of the map.

break your style, please.


I thought the practical tiles looked a little bland, so I tried to add some theming with the exterior tiles, but I'm guessing this wasnt necessary :P Glad you liked it.

Wow, wow, wow. The thwumps and drones were really cool. You are definitely getting better. My only suggestion is to use space a little better and improve the outer asthetics. The tiles you run around on look perfect.


I never really faced this problem, but then again I was playtesting a lot so I probably didn't notice the repetition in the end :P
I'm mostly referring to the repetitiveness because you can die real easily after getting some of the gold. I did this for a while.
But I tried to change the context for each one, so different techniques had to be used. I'm assuming this wasn't enough :P


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how fast have you done?
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Er... not quite

But I'm better sub 450 is possible. I pulled off some pretty slick dodges but never managed to string them together. Not in this demo, just in general practise.
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still not fast enough...
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slow speed

I bet you've done it sub-500, but here's my demo :P

agree with E-P about the gold.
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When I was drafting this, I actually made a version that was quite a lot bigger, so thanks for verifying I should have cancelled that :) Which god are you referring to, the mine-gold, thwump-gold or exit-gold?


It got old quick, but I had to get an AGD
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Still pretty cool. 3
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