09~1: Oh No...

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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags author:guitar_hero_matt fever fish flying gtmap-pack hard rated
Created 2009-02-02
Last Modified 2009-05-25
by 7 people.
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Description Those city folk and their flying machines...

Took some advice from Pawz, and whizzed this up. Is this what you had in mind? I personally love it, although agd could be a bit challenging and the gauss could be a bit annoying. Also, sorry about 2 maps in one day.

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As lightning said, the thwumps were overused. You could have lined the edges with mines, or used a s one-way/floorguard combination.
With that said, I'd like to compliment you on your efforts, the map played well and was very entertaining. 4aved.

It's nice

but the thwumps are overdone. The middle parts of the map were great, but the thwumps ruined the top and bottom imo. Instead of adding, they took away from the map.


Seems kinda hard. I'm searching for a gold route.
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quite fast
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This is um.. Just awesome by your standards. You took a leap, and you made it.
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In fact, I highly advise it for most routes. But thanks anyways :)

Anyway this map was certainly a great exercise in experimentation and pushing boundaries and what not. I really liked the top thwump area, but I didn't like how many mines there were. Unless there's a set flow to the map, I just find it awkward being forced to take a certain path in an open map. All in all though a pretty fun map :)
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That is exactly what I'm talking about. FAVED.

I just hope you had a lot of fun with this and produced something that you love rather than what other people love.


now my demo is useless
Double gauss on right replaced with single rocket, and some more gold and a bounceblock have been added. Hopefully less difficult and more fun now?
So is mine and gold placement. 4/5 from me.


damnit! fun map, I like the tiles, and the object placements
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