Ohhhh shit

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Author blackson
Tags action author:blackson rated
Created 2009-02-03
Last Modified 2009-02-03
by 5 people.
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Description Ever since the pack my style of mapping has changed. Easier, and an optional challenge in most. I like it, but as Skyline said, they are very alike. Hopefully this is different?
Please take a look at my mappack! []

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Fastest AGD

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this rocks. as does your mappack.
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Demo Data

i play

your map pack now.


I like the tiles the most.
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oops forgot the map

it seems like Palemoon-blackson cross
love the overloaded was great in a weird way
and floorguard, though ineffective as a real enemy, seemed to fit well
I think
if this is the same one advertised 3 maps ago
maybe we mappacks?mine only has 22, not 40
if so,