A big yellow thing rose up in the sky

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Author MyCheezKilledYours
Tags author:mycheezkilledyours birds mountains sun tileset unrated usable
Created 2009-02-03
Last Modified 2009-02-03
Rating 5 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Some wierd little tileset I made. Usable, cred if you use it plezz.

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K thanks

nice to know, Black Dragon!


Ima gonna follow some of your maps from now on because I have looked at some and I think they're cool and also Maxson has looked at your maps (respected even thou he looks at all new peoples maps :P!) w/e just lettin you know you'll be getting some ratings from me :D!

Thanks you guyzz

The floating things were supposed to look like birds... guess that didn't go over so well, huh? :P


what techno said, it looks freaking awesome to play, except I'm not a big fan of the floating things, but the floor pieec looks really good.


I can just picture a playable when looking at the thumbnail. Should be very interesting.