(I Came To Make A Bang)

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Author KlanKaos
Tags action agd author:klankaos blocky drone flowy rated
Created 2009-02-04
Last Modified 2009-02-04
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description A map. I've been feeling like my maps have been a bit stale lately. Hopefully this one breaks the trend. I tried.

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that drone was crazy effective
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You sure did bang me. 5aved.
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;) Faved!



Holy crap! :) Nice map. I have a mistake in the end...
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love the oneways

saw this on the forums

brill tileset

brill gold, give yourself a pat on the back, not a fan of the drone, ETC 4


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You tried.

You succeeded.
Great map. 4aved

I really liked

this map, gold was really fun to get, rockets and gauss' were really well placed, very nice tileset, and I liked the way you used the tileset. great work with the map! faved
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I love the gold

and the fact that the rocket section was optional. This is a refreshing change from your recent maps (although I'd hardly call them recent; you map even more slowly than I do ;P). 4/5