The Wizard Turns On...

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Author rocket_thumped
Tags author:rocket_thumped drones hard playable puzzle rated
Created 2009-02-04
Last Modified 2009-02-04
by 23 people.
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Description An ode to lord_day, Skyline, and Spiker.

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Wish I could come back with shit this strong.

You have

one of the coolest avatars i've ever seen on numa.




I don't know.


i pretended to be you (as lancaster) on the old forums, not even realising it was your old highscoring account XD

ahh good times.

i've also

had a thought or two of coming back for a few more maps. . .i'll let ya know if I do.

my god

you just can't quit, can you :-). Nice map kid, hope all's well. Just making my infrequent visit to see who all is still around. Say hi to LD for me too.
the drones i mean...and the tileset was unusual but fun.
4.5 up
u should make some more races though!!! i loved ur races
I cordially invite you to MassiveMappack-MOA []
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is Karma's an AGD too O_o
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Oh snap

The mechanics are excellent, but I just don't like maps that force you to shuffle through and ignore the scenery.


super fast :D this is really a great map, its so fun
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Very nice, r_t

Love the tiles and gameplay.


Thanks for the comments guys!
but it doesn't come close to this one.


The best drone train I've played in a really long time.


genious. 5/5
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an okay speedrun, improvable
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I am the king of drone capturing, great map/concept(watch demo) faved.
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Sweet concept. And it's SO well pulled off. The drone train is just perfectly timed. 5/5aved. Beauty.


all gold.

Its moments like these you need minties lol
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Trying to trap the drones is fun, but getting the gold and pretty much the rest of the map is bland. Maybe another enemy type or something would help make it a bit more exciting.
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cool map


a really messy one.
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Casual AGD

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Quite hard, due to the precise timing allowed. Most drones I've caught so far was 2. Too hard to be sufficiently fun. Kind of a challenge-esque map.

Good map.

liek real good ;-;

I've heard

many things about you. :P
Nothin' bad, of course.


yeah.. I think I might start submitting more maps.


he returns.