Fallout 3

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Author Hund
Tags author:hund easy n-art parkour teleport tileset unrated
Created 2009-02-06
Last Modified 2009-02-06
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Map Data

Description I´m back again! I was too busy with modding Halo(great shooter game) and Fallout 3 (best RPG i´ve ever played) the last time so I decided to make this map. It´s just a tileset with some gold and bounce blocks...
That´s all about this map

oh, yes i almost forgot this: if u like the map and rate comment i´ll make a beta version with more objects and enemies!


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Wrong user

this was in his favorites, no wonder he didn't respond.
cool map. >.> *akward silence*...

Hey ]{NO3

You said you wanted to see lambda, and my series is nearing that letter. want me to send you a link of it when I get there?


is a game. also it is actually another term for radioactive residue, which would be where the games are named from.


got hear through the forums

have no clue what fallout is though.


so funny, I just made a map inspired by fallout 3 O_O it really is a great game, and I LOVE Halo