Whistling Wonders

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Author The_Farman
Tags action author:the_farman rated
Created 2009-02-06
Last Modified 2009-02-06
by 8 people.
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Description Hi all!

Been a long time hasn't it? Well, so far, married life has been great, also, Michelle is expecting our baby in June! It's all very exciting, but we've worked hard; bought a new house, new car, and I had to calm down alot. I still get very excited about things; even coming on here, and I'm as wierd as ever.

Anyway, this isn't a return map, just one that I whipped up on my day off work (THANK YOU SNOW) yesterday. Did you folks in England see that?! It was about 6 inches, I nearly crashed!

Well enjoy the map!

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Nothin' man.

Lets not beat around the bush here. I know we've tried this like 5 times, but you know how the old saying goes 6th times the charm. Collab. You start. Will be in my mappack.




good to hear you're doing well. the map reminds me somewhat of radiumfalcon, although i think it should be a bit less cramped. the rocket chamber is my favourite part.


snow over here, no school last monday, tuesday and next monday acording to the weather men (there gonna get it wrong, like always)

too long

but i got farther!
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ded due

Here [] is the dda i ended up dedicating to you cause you are one of the best mapmakers i know


each time...
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same here

thank god for snow is all i can say
Hope everything's going well for you. And yeah, I've got a 4 day weekend because of that snow :)


I'm married, too

hey man

enjoy life


I blew it.
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