Going Under

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Author bluenin
Tags author:bluenin dda krdda rated reset sorry
Created 2009-02-09
Last Modified 2009-02-10
by 22 people.
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Description A diversion,

Please enjoy.

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Nplus pwns

AAA! I remember you from the old forums - I wasn't around then, but I am constantly finding threads there when I google questions about N O_o did they kill that forum, or can existing members still use it? Therealn stinks =(

And N plus is awesome! I can't believe somebody else uses it besides me! Yesterday though, it started to quit responding whenever I tried to save anything! From the thread, it seems like that's because I have an error in my userlevel doccument, but I can't find one =(

N plus is awesome.

my god

that was smooth
Yay, a bluenin DDA!
*Keeps the fave*

Thanks guys.

You know, I didn't even think of that song when I named it.
I can't stand Evanescence.

This wasn't really meant to be brilliant or anything, just felt like making a quick DDA.

I just thought

By Evanescence.
but can you check out my 100th?

What lightning said

My only complaint is that they bunched up at the end. 4/5




A Hextuple Kradda. Nice.



I love

this DDA.

Interesting Idea

although there weren't as many close calls as I expected. The last rocket was almost entirely useless =/

Its a good DDA though.