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Author sayko
Tags a action author:sayko bit easy little rated
Created 2009-02-14
Last Modified 2009-02-14
by 11 people.
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Description Liero is name of a dos game like Worms. But it contains much higher action than Worms. I love Liero. It is a completely free game, find it and play with your best friend on same computer by hot seat.

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Nice shortie.

oO how? XD

Also, Could you help me with N Irc? []

I agree

about the curvy background. the tileset wasn't very good. nice, simplistic map. 3.5/5v

way faster agd, nice work with the drone
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Liero is a nice game, yes. I'll try the map sometime later, but I'll agree with Maxson that the curved carvings do not fit the map very well.

First try
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I love the beggining. makes you think fast the first time you play

but this

this is nicely thought out. rocket, drone and gauss work very well, and the map overall is rather fun, if a little bland. try adding in embellishments here and there to make it look nicer.


Fun and simple. The rocket worked very well. I didn't like the curvy carvings in the tiles though; it didn't fit. 3.5^
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I played Liero too

And I love it. 3.5/5. Nice map.

this was nice....

not too hard and fairly simple...i like maps like these and gold was also on path instead of way out of the way :D 4/5


nice map
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