3-0 Caught in the Headlights...

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Tags action agd author:ndeavour chimney lasers nspired rated
Created 2009-02-15
Last Modified 2009-02-17
by 15 people.
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Description Yes, I retired and yes, I was not going to return. But NUMA, the Forums, the IRC and just this amazing Community, proved to me that I dont have to say goodbye. Someone wise once said "NUMA's like a blackhole, if you get to close you'll never get out". I have to say that is completely true, I love you guys (and girls) and I couldnt have it any other way.

This comeback map was inspired by Nphasis and was playtested and fixed up by Nphasis so thanks go to him. Also to Donfuy who started playtesting then disappeared and to ChaoStar whos Map pack Memoir of Ancients [] this map was created for.

Edit: However I am currently unsure if this is in the pack *Fingers Crossed

Its good to be back


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slow AGD

decent quick map, tired idea. NR
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...that's messed up. Don't be such a prick.


Pretty fun.
Nothing in depth to say.
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Sendy is not a girl. Click the link below and you'll see. []


Haven't you guys heard of Sendy, GreenEggsAndHam, I-Am-A-Bilingual-Hippopotamus, or Mare?

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nothing special.

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can you check out my latest?
but how long have u been gone.... i might be new to you.
is good enough for me, those maps in between were for NEditor Nation


nice job of retiring, you were here 3 and a half months when you 'retired' - I was here 3 and a half years when retired. You came back after like 6 days, I came back after like 6 months. Ahhhh..glad to have you back though :P

Glad you're back.

You're long overdue for a feature, imo.
But if I were a featurer or whatever they are, I would be horrible at it... I already have more favorites than rated maps. But seriously, you're definitely a well-known and respected mapmacker. If I left and came back, I know I sure as heck wouldn't get... (let me count)... near 40 comments, not to mention the amount you're going to get after this... so good luck to you, in your (hopefully long-term) future mapping.

View the N readme.

That'll explain everything.


i am new and wondering how watch a demo?

the map is fun.

good job.


master yoda




And after a certain outburst at a certain multi accounter I certainly know, why would I multiaccount

Private joke ^^there too^^


you're really into this Nphasis guy
not saying anything but...well it would be funny wouldn't it, if after everything he was you? Private joke of course, just something that popped into my head, as Nphasis makes the kind of quality maps you do

I don't

see it.

I thought PALEMOON

was a girl same a southpaw until i saw the post a picture of your self thread.

No offence meant

Great job!

Nice to see you again, too, BTW. I love this map. Glad you're back. I liked your maps. 4.5^^. Faved. I'll be looking forward to your maps.

sidke isn't?

female avs are confusing me


Don't know of any others..
but I believe the quote in your description was by god's reaper

...guys (and girls)

are there girls?
and come out better than before
But what does it mean?


And the dawn broke
Silencing the now muffled last cries of all objectors
Who had suffered to the penalities of the night
Thus the speaking of a million trillion voices ended
And soon they too would be token on by despair
To the backdrop of classical etude and prose
As the screams and shouts of a thousand billion people died out
As the night came again.


Welcome back!
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short, simple, but it (like so many short and simple maps rarely do) felt complete. 4/5. Reminded me a lot of that userlevels-level, maybe called "channels?" or something, I can't remember. Didn't like the gold placement; I'm very picky about it, and it all has to be exactly the same for me. Didn't like it when it almost touched the wall.
Seems I forgot. haha. @ndeavour - Great! From here on out we'll handle this with PMs.
nice use of double negatives by the way =]


i have and played his maps. Faster agd
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Erik-Player, please don't tell me you haven't heard of an author called Sendy?

Yippie! hes out of retirement!


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