urza's powerplant

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Author blackwhite
Tags action author:blackwhite playable race rated
Created 2009-02-15
Last Modified 2009-02-15
by 13 people.
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my best race map so far.

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heh my own comment below. I must admit though, I don't like these caved in all tile maps, as it's like the mapper pretends the tiles fit together but they don't

just incase you ever log on again -you're like my fav mapper!




very good map. I disagree with destiny, I think 4 pieces of gold is fine, so long as they are spread throughout the map so that it seems like you're getting gold, instead of getting it all at the same time. Still, very well done, the flow was fun to discover.


i like this general style of flow.

I really like this

The only negative i can think of is the grand total of 4 peices of gold :/

The flow style was great, very imaginative and each step. The enemies were well placed, and i dont think there was too few. A nice balance, i think. Nice aesthetics, too. Gold aside, that is. 4.5^
was a bit awkward at first but once i played it a couple of times it was great! keep it up

This is great

I agree that a few more enemies could have made it more exciting, but the flow is so good.


horrible demo :)
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nice map,

add a few more enemies.
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i dont think a racemaker has to prevent it..


like I said one time before,
i dont think a race author doesnt have to prevent cheating,
he has to form a flowy race.
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I cordially invite you to MassiveMappack-MOA []


i loves it...
quite original,.
but a slightly similar to losttortuga (tiles)
it felt like i was flying :D :D
5aved for sure
and i agree this is ur best
kinda screwed up |
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