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Author ganteka
Tags author:ganteka rated unrated
Created 2009-02-16
Last Modified 2009-02-16
by 6 people.
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Description A collective marries Awesomeness under the resigned nurse. Ganteka captures Awesomeness. Ganteka welcomes an odd penguin. Awesomeness rails within the manufactured request. Awesomeness spins into Ganteka. Can Ganteka store Awesomeness?

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Ganteka will need a sharks feather as a storage locker

kinda cool

4aved + AGD
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but i just love it

agd was really fun as well


Haha :P

How was it off? Did it come into play too soon or too late? Btw, it was off when you attempted an AGD, right? Because that drone isn't supposed to come into play if you're just speedrunning it (otherwise, AGD would be nearly impossible).

333 frame AGD

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see me agd this map

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good job.