Is Doors On Here's Normal?

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Author mammaletto
Tags abstract action author:mammaletto featured rated
Created 2009-02-18
Last Modified 2009-02-18
by 20 people.
Map Data

Description Probably unfinished

This map was featured on 2012-07-30

Where were you in 2009? What were you doing? It's hard believing three years have gone by since then. It makes me a little sad! Anyway, today's feature is "Is Doors On Here's Normal?" by a slightly good mapper named mammaletto. It manages to be great, despite the not-so-great monster placement. Past that, the tiles are kooky. I was in tears, laughing as I ran the little tubes, viewing odd expressions on faces. About something else, collecting the gold was relaxing, in a way. The empty area gives the level feeling, I guess. It makes it sort of gloomy. — artistolipto

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my speedrun

attempt. :-(. could be a lot better.
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I don't really like it.

AGD retaken

Still fun :D
Demo Data
I made a new map today if anyone feels like checking it out, first in 3 years.

(faster demo)
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I made a new map today if anyone feels like checking it out, first in 3 years.

(faster demo)
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"Slightly good"


AGD -1

Because that isolated gold isnt worthwhile. Fun map :D
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you should also have time to map.



Holy balls!

A mammaletto comment on my feature!


more maps, please! :D


higher score.
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Demo Data


Demo Data

agd -1

a highscore route..
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It's good to know that you haven't left completely yet.

Where'd you go?

I really should use nreality more often though >___>
Stupid lag.
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Working on a faster demo :3
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come back?



say what riobe said. 4

Nice.. 4/5

Like the faces too, very eye-catching. Congrats on the 1000th rate.

lol thanks

I didn't realise there was a counter!

i see that

you have 999 ratings.
i am here to make it 1000.

congrats and that, a very fun map.

Pretty fun.

I really enjoyed running around in the top section. :)


Cool map man

great gold placement, and very...unique tiles.



got it rated. fam


Like the faces. 4/5.

Slower AGD...

Quite an addictive map I must say.
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Your demo's fast!

Your route's not too great though! :P


faster AGD ;)
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Nice Map!

Faved And RATED.

Little faster

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Alot Faster

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