The Lost Vault - Entering

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Author sayko
Tags author:sayko jumper medium rated
Created 2009-02-18
Last Modified 2009-02-18
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description I was want to make a map with nuclear age concept. A huge nuclear explosion happened, and people escaped to vaults to survive. We controlling a mutant who couldn't escape to vaults at the time. He is was a succesful engineer before that, but now he is unconscious.
He is hungry now, and senses there is flesh meat inside. But if he enters dark caves, he will have to fight with other mutants.

But -i don't know why- i wrote "n-joy" around the door of the vault, and there is no pathetic atmosphere now :)

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Otherwise well-done.

Wanna collab???

do you??


no njoy. not very well made. use NaNs. 2/5

ben türküm

abi ben alieren dediğin gibi en sona resmin linkini koyuyorum ama olmuyor bunun için bir eklenti lazım mı? lazımsa nerden temin edemilirim bana yardım edermisin?

very badly made

to be honest, the n-joy didn't fit, the gold was ugly, the tiles were average, didn't really fit too well with the rest of the map, launchpads seemed unnecessary and unpolished. overall, not a very well thought out map. although the idea of the gold covering the trapdoor switch was used fairly well, it didn't really compliment the rest of the map.

i'll have to give this a 1.5 up

I don't know why i wrote it :) But while i write it, i was unconscious... I was really want to write it, i guess anything was controlling me. I wrote "n-joy" to any map first time and last time.


First i didn´t realize the way. Nice map but that N-joy really didn't fit. 3.49