Psydream Comet-trance

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Author blackson_collab
Tags action author:blackson_collab rated
Created 2009-02-19
Last Modified 2009-02-19
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description Collab with Losttortuga.

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It's Canti from FLCL :D

I see a strange robot figure in the middle.


nice daisy ;D


Demo Data

My daisy is badass.

So you be quiet. ^^


That was B's daisy.

I don't like

The upper left corner tiles, just ugly IMO, the rest look good except a few minor places. Agree with KlanKaos about the rest. 3.5/5
It was solid.

The only thing I didn't really like about this map was getting through the unlocked door with the rocket on you. Once you got how to do it it was OK, but it was still kinda awkward and difficult.

Gold placement was just phenomenal.

Overall, solid 4/5.

Like the beginning

It was pretty flowy, but I think the transition into the mine/doorswitch are in the bottom right was akward...maybe thats just because I'm not a very good player
Nice tiles