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Author chume14
Tags author:chume14 chume experimental featured one-way puzzle rated square
Created 2009-02-19
Last Modified 2009-04-12
by 42 people.
Map Data

Description This was originally going to be a survival but I turned it into a kind of experimental puzzle which is quite cool. Actually quite a lot of though went into it enjoy

no. 26

This map was featured on 2011-06-16

Moths have a habit of kinda being bitches. They work their way through your shit, devouring pretty much every sweater you love. They always leave shitty christmas sweaters too. It gets worse, though. The moths leave larvae in the weave of your clothes, where they slowly travel, eating, through the interlocked fabrics just to piss you off.

So this map is a bit like a moth. Except it doesn't fly, it won't breed in your linen, and it can't trick you into slapping yourself in the face. Actually, if anything, it's an anti-moth.

Because it definately won't ruin your day. — squibbles

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The only problem is that the left gold isn't worth it. Otherwise, really cool puzzle. :D


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This made me happy. Also brilliant demos guys




sub 600 may be possible
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I miss Chume maps. <3


old shit

even better the second time.

I remember this

Still like it.

Pretty sure what you are thinking of is the '09 Dronies.

amazing that this is chume's first feature, he has many great maps.

Actually, ZTHING

I know exactly what you mean. I was thinking that when I wrote the review. I swear it had been, but there it was, unfeatured in my to-feature list.

I suppose it's possible that an essentially identical map has been featured (and really, as much as I hate to say it, I do suspect this is the case. No way this degree of deja-vu is unwarrented), but regardless this is great, and does deserve the feature.

I just really hope that if another version of this has been featured, I wasn't the reviewer. I really don't want to look like a /total/ retard.
Seriously. Congrats chume!

Agd (underclocked)

Yeah sub 1000.
This map HAS to be 5aved.
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much faster than my previous demo but not the fastest :/
grats on the feature chume14!!!
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Dont like it. Too annoying to move around. 2

first retry

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im spamming this map, but i was checking my faves nd came upon this, i got the best demo for now:
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beat xaelar by 111 frames...
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beat you all!!!!!!!!!

also on nreality
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sub 900

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quite fiddly how to get the exit switch
brilliant idea using one-ways, good concept

awsome level

even though i couldnt complete it.


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first try

meh demo
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@ sethy

If you want to play the map
1) go to n main page
2) press \ to open ned (N editor)
3) copy the data from the box on the internet page
4) post the data into the top text box in ned
5) put capslock on and press p to play
6) press \ to get back to the menu where r will reset and p will play again

If you want to save the level to your user levels
1) Find and open the .txt document called "userlevels" in the same folder as n
2) copy the data from the box on the internet page
3) paste it at the bottom of this txt document using enter to separate it from the last map if necessary
4) Save the txt file exit and open n user levels and it should be there

all this is in the help file that comes with n if your still having problems make sure your userlevels file is in the same folder as n and watch an internet tutorial I'm sure there is one on youtube

also make a map
1) so I can answer your questions there
2) so I know your a real person worth bothering with
3) so you can see when I reply to your questions
4) so you can be part of this community


can i have help on how to add user levels my laptop is being gay and i can not figure out i put them in userlevels but they will not appear on the list


11,000 frames of accomplishment
you dont need to watch it all...
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Great map

looks cool to 5/5.

Great map

looks cool to 5/5.


Really cool idea.
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awesome! 5/5/5/5


the last bit of gold took me a while to figure out.
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