Ineffable Mouse (and the Red Minister)

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Author lord_day
Tags author:lord_day ineffable minister mouse rated red
Created 2009-02-20
Last Modified 2009-02-20
by 5 people.
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Description Ineffable.

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whats up L_D

how you been? I've considered the idea of coming back for a little while. Would u be up for a map pack? Get a few people and build a column? (R_T would be a given too). Lemme know (post on my most recent map. . .which is about 2 years ago, or just post on this one. . .i'll check it out.)

Nice map, by the way.

i like the cross

and the rest of the tileset. gold placement didn't really appeal to me very much. but the zap drones were a great idea. nice exit switch position too. 4/5

Wow, lord_day.

This is some really good NEW material you have HERE.

Here it is

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Faster AGD

Fun nonetheless.

faster AGD

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improvable demo, I like the tiles alot! gameplay is good, I just find 8 tiles hard, but that doesn't affec the game at all, so good work
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That was cool.
Demo Data

Bit faster.

Demo Data
Demo Data

All gold.

It's tricky on those curves.
Demo Data

More of a side map.

Than a real map.