The Lost Vault - Construction Site

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Author sayko
Tags action author:sayko concept hard rated
Created 2009-02-20
Last Modified 2009-02-20
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description A huge nuclear tragedy happened, and people escaped to vaults to survive. We controlling a mutant who couldn't escape to vaults at the time. He is was a succesful engineer before that, but now he is unconscious.
He is hungry now, and senses there is flesh meat inside. But if he enters dark caves, he will have to fight with other mutants.

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Too many enemies.

And don't try to add aesthetics in the form of a huge amount of objects, which don't have a use for gameplay.


It's very good !


playtesting more. think about switches. use NaNs for the laser. 2/5
it restricted the player more than was necessary. i thought that the zap drones and the trap doors also didn't add much. a larger arena with more bounceblocks and more places to explore would be better. the gold looks fine to me. 3/5

Thumbnail is *great* lookin. Gameplay is only so-so though, i'll go with 3.5^

i love

the tiles on this map gameplay is pretty good aswell 5/5
really cool but a bit difficult :-)

it looks cool.

that's about it.
However, the loading time is slightly large. And I agree with chume14, it's not great to play as there isn't much space to move around.


Thank you for constructive critisms. I have been edited the map, i made little changes. But i didn't touch the gold placement.

looks really cool

but dosen't play that well maybe play test a bit more I'd remove the gausses and think more about your gold placement. This was my first attempt completion which means its also to easy. Still looks cool though and I like the storyline description thing 3.2/5
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