K for Sayko

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Author sayko
Tags author:sayko dood jumper k letter playable rated
Created 2009-02-24
Last Modified 2009-04-29
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description I want to write my forum signature "sayko" with my maps. K is the fourth part of this.

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Question ...

Just a question - you say you've finished the 'Campaign' of N in 3 years ... was that N & NReality levels, or just N V1.4 levels?
Still fun though, although a bit too hard for me.

K map

bit hard at places, though. speed kills. 3.5^

Much better than the rest. Shame there isn't much attention. 4.5^/5


is hard. nice drone patterns. gold could have been in smaller patterns. 3.5^


these are good
Demo Data

Hah! You're trying to put your name on Nreality battle. Nice.

as far as I get...

The gauss is mercilessly placed, the rest was good.
Demo Data
total=4.5/5 /\
nice drone work
and its a great idea, but my name is too long.
maps are not getting very much attention. maybe I'll look at it sometime today. I got to go now, though.

This map is harder than my other 4 letter maps (s,a,y and o) but as written on the name, this is "K" for sayko ^^ I hope u will enjoy with my 'letters of name' series.