Sonic the Ninja - (u)n_Reality

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Author esay
Tags 29403 author:esay hedgehog nreality rated sonic
Created 2009-03-01
Last Modified 2009-03-02
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description Speed through sonic land, past Dr. Eggman's Rockets, and down to the launch pad to open the door above. Go around the loop and Zoom up, making sure not to collide with any in-coming rockets. After Dodging the last cleverly placed rocket, proceed to Dr Eggman's lair. Either Jump quickly up to the indent, being careful to avoid the spikes, and take your chances with his hand machine gun, or find a better way.. Once you hit Dr. Eggman, you have completed this Level, well done.

This is my 1st n_Reality map, i hope it's okay.
Dedicated to 29403, for his love of sonic.
Special Thanks to Kablamo_Boom for his help in the n_Reality Coding..
For some extra features, add '?#' (# being a number between 1 and 14) to the end of the foreground image.

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Whoops, forgot to add the n_Reality bit...
go to: []
for the real one!

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I don't like you and i lissen not to stopid poeples!

i am

the nreality bit


wheres the nreality bit???
Go into its range, then come back out, the quickly head for the finish!


thanks man! 4aved.


nice map, but i get killed all time by the turret drone thingy :(


nothin different

but still a good lvl