Circus Anima

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Author martyr
Tags action author:martyr playable rated tileset
Created 2009-03-03
Last Modified 2009-03-03
by 26 people.
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Description Use the tileset if you can do it better=]
made mainly for that but i tried to reflect with gameplay

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... is my first try speed run lol its actually pretty good for my first try...although i did get a good feel for the map because i did the all gold demo first...
Demo Data


...faster AGD...

...YIN-such a good map,the tiles were gorgeous, you used/placed all the enemies really well,the gold paths were sick,and there were some good technical jumps PERFECT!...

...YANG-the only thing missing is a good thwump mechanic...

...anything anyone said negative about this map is false-cucumber boy must have been joking about what he said-thebig E doesnt know what hes talking about my AGD is almost faster than his completion so that shows that he had no idea what to do with this-and im not even sure what bobanguish said but it didnt make sense...

...very very easily a 5/5 this should be featured for days haha...
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had made the coolest retile ever and then macromedia died.


the abandoned, rotten feel of the tiles clash with the uplifting feeling I get from the objects. nice try

I haven't ganteka


*Drools everywhere*

fine I'll rate it

looks like I'm the only one on numa who hasn't


primarily made of awesomeness.

'specially the laser. beautiful.



this may help
subliminal messages []

i got really bored

theres this website called subliminal messaging (amazing website full of funny vids and puzzles) but i got to about the 300 page when i got to high pitched noices only teens can here for 14 khz and animals for 18 khz (fun to mess with pets) and now i got a headache from listening to it for to long, but you should still check out the website because it goes on forever with amazing stuff to look at

Chaingun mechanic is perfect. Simply amazazing!

fun level

4.5 rounded up
sub-1500 agd.
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and we're up!


its descent

Demo Data


I had a really cool demo, but Numa went down and I apparently copied something else into the clipboard during that time. Sorry. It was a little over 1800 frames and an AGD.


maps like this make me want to quit. 5.



ooh nice tileset

but im not a hug fan of the tileset.