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Author Chaotix_0
Tags author:chaotix_0 playable rated survival
Created 2005-10-21
by 14 people.
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Description -This is a dedication map to Korbachev-
I decided to try my hand at the survival genre. This takes place in a 2X2 area and your only enemies are three laser drones (only two initially). Although it seems hard, the player needs to realize he CONTROLS the rhythm of the laser drone firing. When and where you let the laser drones initially see you can substantially affect the rhythm of their firing, either making it easier, or impossible. The zap drone along the wall is just there for looks, but he does serve to be a sort of "timer" for your replay, still counting the number of frames is more reliable. I also decided to try something new with the tiles. I edited and edited till I found something I liked, it's not my usual style but I still think it looks good, but hey I like second opinions. Please rate, comment, and submit demos.

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Good concept, but not perfect. Very fun though.


Nice map, but why it is 2.5/5 now?
I seriusly think that someone sniped this...
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I hadn't rated it, but I just went and gave it a 4.5/5, and also read a rude post from ianb. I don't care about this map's rating, but if you're gonna snipe it (whoever did) at least post why. Yes your map is fun, so sleep easy tonight.


I agree with the mine statement, but its too late to edit it now sry. It's a dedication to Korbachev because he's freaking awesome, but I didn't want to make a boring map with "dedication to ..." as the name. Lastly, It's a survival because korbachev hates going for all gold. This map is straightforward. I think that answers all questions... hopefully...

first try

beat ja all. this is fun though...
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It'd look much better if all the mines except the ones on the top were removed. Tileset is pixelly, mines make a circle. Pixelly + circle isn't a great idea.
Not like that detracted from anything though.


3 votes that gave it 4.5s just dropped down to a 3.5

I freakign hate snipers. Unless 3 people gave it a 3


Good work. I'll give it 4.5. A question though, what was your rating on my map Bounce way?

Very hard

Umm why's it a dedication to me, anyway?

Great though. Between a 4 and a 4.5.

I'ma give it a 4.5 because it takes some planning instead of just run in circle jumping.
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Very good concept, and the design is kind of cool as well.