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Author formica
Tags author:formica bitesized playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-10-22
by 28 people.
Map Data

Description It is written,
That N was smitten from the heaven upon high, to deep within the earth. And there were shovels- many, many shovels. The beast appeared before N, and spoke: 'Take your pick.'

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5 and fav for you.

You have touched the zen of the mine.

faster again

this map is soo fun :)
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wrong demo...
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a very good userlevels-time: 109.025
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fast run

without trying for gold
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formica RULES the top 3!


Yeah, really good :)
ummm... I add it to favorite but I don't know if I should give you 5/5.... but.... so.... you get 5/5 :)
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give me three ressurrects and an elixir of insanity, and I can get all the gold.
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Well in that case

if you are DEFINITELY making more maps I'll have to delete my farewell map:

I think...

you may be confusing NUMA and the forums?

Anyway, thanks a lot for the support, guys. It means a lot.


5/5 (not in that way!). This would be a fitting way to leave. But your always pretending to leave forever and then the next day I see you post another map. I would love you to make a DDA and as you go through the level it spells out 'farewell' or 'goodbye' or something along those lines.. But there is not a single doubt in my mind that you were and are and probably always will be the best.. God Bless.
Still a very good map though!

Great to hear your still hanging around at NUMA.


5/5, which made ure score get to a 5. I hope it stays there

Not at all

I knew you'd still be around...I just felt it summarized your style and should be remembered as distinctly "formica".


sorry for setting you guys up like that! I feel guilty if I got higher ratings than I deserved because you thought it would be my last.

I may...

still be hanging around NUMA. It is the forums that I've left, so try not to worry too much.

Having said that, I'm not sure I'll be making any more NUMA maps for a while. Still, I might. I might not. We'll see.




A treasure, a reminder, a monument for your greatness. Formica, change is everywhere, so long, good luck.


You're leaving? No way. :(

Anyway, I'm not a big fan of these mine jumping maps. so I won't rate.
It gives a sense of closure. We'll miss you formica

nice map

i love the tileset. i dont like the gold placement that much tho. very nice. 4.5