Galaxie 500

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Author kiaora
Tags author:kiaora flattery formof imitation isthe rated sincerest
Created 2009-03-08
Last Modified 2009-03-08
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description Playing at being atob.

Also, there's quite a bit of spudzalot in here too.

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PALEMOON its spudzasexy. ;D

This map has a very nice layout just I cant seem to get both of the lasers to work for me. I had fun with only one laser though.

Also, glad I helped inspire.
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Decent AGD

I think that if I could find a way to beat the laser to the two-tile long tunnel at the top, I could get sub-800.

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The laser on the right makes pulling this route off faster harder than I thought.

I really like the tiles by the way. The gameplay is fun, too. 4.
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OK agd

I like this route, but I messed up when I missed the piece of gold that I had to get at the end.
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Plays a lot differently, but it felt nicely similar to me. The bounceblock part was well executed imo, although I'd agree with atob about the difficulty.


I think this is the fastest route.
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But then dual lasers just do it for me.

Finding a route through the lasers is fun, but the difficulty is a bit much for me after a while.

Enjoyed it, overall.

pretty fun overall, think you've combined the majority of atob with the bit of spudz quite well. really loved the centre section, getting the switches while dodging the dual lasers, and the general simplicity of the gameplay.
currently attempting to agd it.



here's a demo (it's ethereal)