Last Memories.

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Author Gods_Reaper
Tags action addicting author:gods_reaper fun medium rated
Created 2009-03-08
Last Modified 2009-03-08
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description this might be the last in the short memories series.
please play rate and comment.

Warning: Skill Needed.

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i have no skill


agree with eganic. *also rates 4*

messed up :(

nice challenge. a tad bland compared to some of your other stuff. i like this style of mappage certainly, but there wasnt a whole lot in here that individualized it from others by you.

i'll say 3.5 up
Demo Data
sorry, i was just pumped about my map :(

i'll play it again and comment justifiably now.

hey GR

check out my new tileset, its crazy


were some nice jumps in here

Slow AGD

Not too hard. Pretty fun challenge, though. 3.5/5.

I think it's possible to beat this without opening the door under the exit.
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how to get the

first and second switch.
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