Cumbre Vieja

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Author schaaaf
Tags author:schaaaf rated tileset usable
Created 2009-03-09
Last Modified 2009-03-09
by 96 people.
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Description xD again a usable tileset for every person!like commentsxD

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Still loving this.

Keep rockin'

Veery nice. Very nice indeed.


No problem.


This is epic!!

10/5 and faved!!!


this is one kamikaze tileset... epic. I could stare for ages. But I dunno what to do with it....


guck genau hin :D da sind mienen in weiß
aber wenn du meinst, das sollte geändert werden - sag es
und bring noch mehr vorschläge ein :)

80 ratings oO

hier die beiden maps, die du playtesten dafst xD
hat ein bisschen länger gedauert
Canyon []
Waves []
die namen sind nur "improvisorisch", kannst ja vllt bessere vorschlagen
und canyon ist mit N Reality

danke im voraus


it´s scrambled and regular. 5/5

Used Your Tiles []
I will link and credit

you'll do it with almost anyone, how about do it with an old friend?

ah, forgot to say



Demo Data


seldomly saw such a brilliant tileset


like my old (Bad) map tsunami []


yes. please. you must.


i never expected that this map would be so great..and im realy grateful to all of u but please stop rating it now xD


I really love this, simple but so damn good! 5aved mate, definitaly!


was OK

could be alot better

Hey Southpaw!

This map has/is about to reach z. It can no longer fight maps with it's rate float value! It's going to fall off the page! It's going to continue to get attention! Not everyone reaches z, rarely anyone does! I love penis and electrical sockets!

this is insane

on the top of hot mas after 19 hours :D
awesome tileset.

I had

no idea that a tileset could get so many ratings, i had no idea it was just a bunch of tiles and a ninja, it really court my eye.Nice!! 4.5/5

I made a map.

using this tileset that I'd like people to check:

Thanks for the excellent tileset. 5/5.


I agree with you.
A lot.


nice tileset and lots of effort put into it but it shouldnt be on top of the hot map list for 9 hours. 4/5

its nice

imo its not nearly as nice as some people are making it out to be.


Thumb is nice, but that's just it for me. :/

adding the tag "rushingwater" makes you cool ;D

true dat

but still im shuting up now so i dont dig myself a grave ;)


you're not a jackass, but people seem to complain if they refresh the page and a map is still in the same spot...

ok for everyone

this should settle everything

its a good map, oviously you spent time and disserve ratings and you know how to make a good map

so as soon as someone else makes something worthy of beating this map, then this map will get off the top of the page


whoa, this map was attacked lol, nice tileset, looks pretty cool, I just didn't like the start, looks like you placed it there to post against that objectid thing. About tileset, its one of those maps that look good both in thumb and upclose, and one can make a great map out of this, so good work.
taking bribes and following politican "BOSSES"

really i like the map i just have no clue why i said that =\


im a jackass

im sorry =\

don't whine

people like it so it's obviously good so it's therefore getting attention.