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Author wulfgang
Tags author:wulfgang playable race rated
Created 2009-03-10
Last Modified 2009-03-10
by 6 people.
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Description I like this race, the flow is a bit choppy but fun.

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felt like putting up a better demo.
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simply isnt fun. I think you've tried a little too hard to be different, i normally like your style but this seemed to lack your usual shine. 3/5.

There wasn't much

to make this feel like a race at all. Part of a great race that people will enjoy is constant forward motion. Making a "stop-and-go" race isn't really enjoyable. The gold was odd as well, considering it didn't really mesh well at all with the route, especially at the beginning where I usually didn't get enough momentum to shoot myself all the way up that chimney part. The map didn't come together for me.


almost AGD

this is much more fun than i expected. original flow which wasnt perfect but it was pretty good. i think it is definitely a race. i give it a 4.
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That'd be cool, when you feel like it just contact me on the forums.


If it's a race and it doesn't have loops I'm in.

We should collab sometime on a race. Or anything else for that matter.

Ah well

Classification isn't really important.


have to agree with boonie here.

I wouldn't classify this as a race. Hybrid maybe, bu definitely not a race. The flow was a bit too obscure, even for my tastes..
flow was interrupted quite alot... but the gameplay was pretty good. love the tileset aswell.
3.5 up


Have fun.
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