Bureaucratic Simplicity: An Oxymoron

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Author BuddyLee
Tags author:buddylee difficulty-3 easy episodic featured horizon puzzle rated
Created 2009-03-17
Last Modified 2009-03-17
by 31 people.
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Description R.I.P. Horizon

This map was featured on 2009-10-11

Bureaucratic Simplicity is, at its gnarled heart, an exemplary episodic map, with a consistent gold theme around the edges that contrasts with mine placement as fitful as the author’s visits to NUMA. The map maintains a steady difficulty curve from start to finish, and, in spite of its distorted appearance, is alluringly simple. — Seneschal

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But not really a puzzle.
But not much fun. :/
but are actually enjoyable and not claustrophobic

Oh and.

I've liked these recent features alot, but I haven't seen anything particularly new and inventive. *cough*Peanuts*cough*

Oh yeah.

It was well designed, but not exciting enough for my tastes. Still very well made. I played this before.
You get creds for a simple and effective tile pattern.
You get creds for well planned-out jumps.
You get no creds for making quite an annoying and boring map.





Nice feature.

I really love the atmosphere with no enemies... just mines.
There where 2 or 3 stupid jumps but the rest was enjoyable.
4,5down + faved.

Slow AGD:
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me ♥ map


AmaZinG 4/5

this is astonishing
Other than that I found it quite entertaining and worthy of the feature.


i thought it was really fun, and those tiles are damn sexy. loved it
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I found it kinda boring
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not quite easy.

I find most levels with mines, not easy. I am still working on completing this. I know that it is very doable, but I often get blown up on that mine your have to hurdle over.

nice review

very cool map

very nice map

cool review

kinda hard



damn how do you beat this?!
Thanks for the feature.
And good gameplay.

Good map choice seneschal

Again, well done in every way. I liked it.
It is fantastic!

Nice Tiles!

This is sweet.

Slow AGD

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Really Really nice.

I Love this.
Wonderful tiles and concept. It also reminds me of Green_Ghost.

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Thanks Brttrx.
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All around



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