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Author astheoceansblue
Tags action author:astheoceansblue bitesized featured inoex playable rated
Created 2005-10-23
Last Modified 2010-03-30
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Description Better than N.

This map was featured on 2010-10-13

freya is a prime example of the golden age of NUMA. Coming from a time when inspiration ran riot, these kinds of maps were churned out by some of the greatest map-makers of all time. Simplicity and elegance reach their heights in freya. Nothing is unimportant in this map. Every single tile is expertly placed, the mines direct but don’t hamper your movement, and the gold is nestled in between it all. And, as a final touch, the laser drones coerce you forward. This map does everything right without seeming to try. It is a perfect piece of nostalgia. — Orion_

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Great effing review

For some reason I hadn't faved this map yet. Fixed.

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now heres the thing about this map. you just see the map from the left, where the ninja is and you just have to appreciate the style of it. this map is quite a good one. specially the right hand laser drone, which covers 2 sides at the same time.

while also i just cant stop from likeing ethel's comment about 16 coments below mine. {on't see what the big deal is}one.

anyway this is a very good map.

deserves: 4.7/5


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Oh by the way, perfect example of a good review.
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Ages ago. Opinion for this stays stagnant.

This is one of my favorite maps.


Snail AGD

slowest ever!!! well so far.
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Took it from scythe by only 1 frame. Back to second he goes :)
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That was this level

Submitted to the Sublime contest (and edited by the devs), I believe, but I might be mistaken.

I have another level on the DS version too, here:

Noticed that

this is strikingly similar to a level on the ds version of N+ (there are no lasers)

Thanks Orion_

This has always been one of my favourites.

Freya's art can be viewed here:


I still think

this makes a great episodic map. There's plenty of space for highscoring and shortcuts.

I also remember Freya as atob's girlfriend. She's a good illustrator.

funny map

at the top of the map, made of 1 and 2 tiles. It's awesome. Props due.
It might have been "revolutionary" (i doubt that) back in its' day, but by todays standard this is flat out average. There are tons of better maps out there today, even in Atobs archive. Also the review was rather cliche, i think he just paraphrased what like 8 other people have said in their reviews.
It is kind of weird to see this map for the first time in 5 years. Nostalgic indeed.




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Nice feature!

Amazing map. This was my favourite atob era. :)


...that this wasn't already featured!

What R_t said

better than sex...

fastest agd

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fastest speed

came back to this and got it on the first try.
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god damn

within 20 frames on both runs.
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close to clux

i hate it. i'm always second. -_-
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slow as hell
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better than it looks. very fun. 4.5/5 and faved.
fastish agd
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Took me forever!!! So fast, it's almost cheating. Left most of the gold though lol
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Brilliant Map

Forgive my abysmal jumping; new keyboard.
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NO nonono no no....

Freya is a SONG. by the band SWORD. you must all go download it. This INSTANT....

More like

the character from Final Fantasy 9....

seriously though, good game