1.3 Avocado

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Author ChrisE
Tags 29403-and-chrise-make-awesome-maps-xd a action author:chrise collab speed unrated
Created 2009-03-20
Last Modified 2009-03-22
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Map Data

Description Collab. between 29403 and I. Enjoy!

Speedy fun, and top-notch AGDs required.


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i forgot totally!


i never rated T_T 4.

lol, alright, I appreciate you taking initiative, good luck with everything!!!

i like

the smileys =)
the sad ones make me depressed though =(

hey chris

remember that dda i was talking about last week

well, you said you would test/watch it for me :D please?? haha
get on the forums I'll PM you it.


i love the smiley's and frowney's

nice, its like a puzzle type map, good work 29403+chrisE, lol, I love the smiley and sad faces
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