Fantastic Damage

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Author wulfgang
Tags author:wulfgang playable race rated
Created 2009-03-22
Last Modified 2009-03-22
by 10 people.
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Description Fun race, similar style to my last one, but much smoother flow. There wont be any genre arguments over this.

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Demo Data


And to think I almost forgot how good your races could get.

not my favourite...

still a 4 though :D

Thanks guys

Especially Destiny, this was basically response to you're criticism of my last race.

Great demos.

Fastest AGD


One of the best race i have ever played, the flow was gorgeous and ingenious. Brilliant enemies that added a nice element of timing to the map. Aesthetics were above par, not to die for but did the job. Like i said, one of the best races i've ever played, 5aved for sure.
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i like this map

more than poisenville

oh man

I love this! this map has a unique flow I always experiment with... and fail to make as good as this! :)
first try AGD, and 5aved
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It was preety easy

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you races are si much different form anything else...

a very good map

its just a bit too delicate for my liking, i prefer a faster pace. a slow AGD.
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I didn't like the flow much, but otherwise good job.

in the sea

of noobs, you stand out as an extraordinary mapmaker. 5aved.
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Have fun.
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