Undercobb | Protection

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Author Kool-aid
Tags author:kool-aid hard rated sound
Created 2009-03-23
Last Modified 2009-03-23
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description a pretty weird map, not really my style, tryin new stuff out

Don't know PALEMOON personally, but i was definitely thinking about his weirdass tiles when i made this. :\

rce,,, canton grounds, the unsound under the cornucopia, huh ??

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Do you EVER rate?

oh, and read my comment... >.<


could you relist 161199?

I didnt like this.

I'm sorry, but I'm true. The switch+mine combo was annoying imo. I'm giving a 3. Just.
(bottom left) was very hard to get with the chaingun. Other then that, fun map, but the looks are meh. 3.5/5^