Mangy Resources

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Author Kool-aid
Tags action author:kool-aid rated
Created 2009-03-24
Last Modified 2009-03-24
by 7 people.
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Description mapness, gotta go, be back in a couple hours, leave me some stuff to look at.

also just got done with my fav author's list,check it, i'll probly add more later, w/e here. :]

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I like it, but i want someone to test it.

Sry about that

how unpolite from me, comment a map without rate it. Well, the gausses were annoying at some places, and IMO it´s not SO awesome, so solid 4.
Slow AGD
Demo Data

Don´t be too sad about gugzusamurai. He sniped 60 of my maps, you got lucky away.

As i said.

Pure enjoyment - PM - 5

Pure enjoyment.

PMed you btw. 1 down, 24 to go :D

and hurry up with msn! It cant take THAT long...


This concept was kinda cool, cept I didn't like the floorguard section. The mines were too close together there.

But apart from that, a solid map.

Now this

is a cool map. I likes.