The day after the amok

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Author brainstone
Tags action author:brainstone epic featured honour rated
Created 2009-03-26
Last Modified 2009-03-26
by 7 people.
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Description Just yesterday the user gugzusamurai sniped 60 of my maps. 60. This map is to honour all the sniped like they´d have never dreamed. (Of course is it not this map function, that´s a joke if you didn´t notice. Hmmpf.) EDIT: I forgot to ask what I actually wanted: I wanted to ask a moderator if he could delete his ratings.

This map was featured on 2013-05-31

Wow. Review number 100. I'd like to thank everybody for putting up with my map choices and features that didn't really talk about the map.

This map is insane. I still haven't managed to get a convincing AGD, but any map that can kill you a hundred times and have you still play it is a good map in my eyes.

Some of you may think there are too many enemies. I disagree. Brainstone's given you enough room to maneuver - you just need to find the space.

Enjoy the map, and see you in June for Review 101. — ChrisE

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nice one chrise

well written, and a good map too.
I found the two lasers to be irritating. I can see the appeal to this, although personally it's not my taste.


cool gameplaying tile !
Demo Data

This is

how you make a map.
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I was too close to comment this map was far too hard and disagreeing with Chris in regards to enemies - after my 20th attempt and not even being able to leave the rocket room... I'm very glad I didn't; once you find your route past the rockets you'll find it all begins to make sense - it's all so well spaced out, the gold placement is where you'd expect it and there's a perfect selection of enemies. If anything, I'm glad the difficult bit was at the beginning.

The only thing I'd change would be to not be able to jump from the floor to the 2 tile in my demo, and instead have climb back up the left somewhere if you fall.

Awesome feature and definitely 5aved!
Demo Data

My AGD is over 3000 frames...

I kept messing up.

I'm confused

Do you mean to say you've yet to put up an agd that convinces me that this map is insane? Or that you've yet to make a demo that convinces me it's an AGD?

Either way, I'll believe you. (Maybe, haven't tried this map yet)

I liked

the enemy emplacement. The one ways were pretty well used too, and the over-all gameplay was above average. I'd say 4, but I'll fall into your trap and give you 4.5 for the snipes. My previous username's maps were all sniped by a troll with three accounts, so I know how you feel.

What a fuckin moron


Anyways, this map is SO HARD... though it does look good... so NR.

Map edited

A piece of gold was missing.
And of course I gonna do a castle map again if you liked it. (:

omfg brainstone

this is hard xD but i like it i just miss your trees or castlewalls5/5

would've been nice had you not had that first set of oneways. it made the lasers very annoying.