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Author Gods_Reaper
Tags action author:gods_reaper easy-run fun hard-gold rated
Created 2009-03-26
Last Modified 2009-03-26
by 27 people.
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Description This my last map i will be making


And have fun

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n1, amazing style

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *AHEM* I mean good luck *tears up*


Come on, dude. You said you were going to quit about a month ago and yet you ended up coming back; don't quit again ;_;
Good luck with whatever your going to do with your life. :)
But hey a quote ive said before to a friend and it turned his life around for the greater good. He now has a great job and great girl friend. the quote was.

"one dark night will always lead, to a bright day" Quote - By Me

So some day you might see a Famous Gods_Reaper Minejumper some where.



...life247 your wrong considering everyone plays this game for different reasons nothing is ever guaranteed...because obviously i don't play this game for the attention to be received...also not everyone who post a farewell maps even gets attention because of said map and the fact that there leaving...
...and eganic its kinda immature of you to say that some of these idiots need to grow up...growing up is unavoidable and thus just makes it seem like you like putting people down becuase there not at "your" level...
...and guitar hero matt its only as "overblown" as you let it seem to yourself...personally i dont even see a problem i just deal with the changing times...whats pathetic to me is how some people see some huge problem with new people joining this game and pushing there attention off the page,while they do nothing to motivate those "noobs" into creating something they feel is worthwhile...

almost agd

some of these idiots seriously need to grow up.

i'm gonna miss competing with you on AMLT maps and trying my luck on some of your weird-ass challenges man. good luck out there and have fun.
Demo Data
but o well still gods reaper

bye =/ =)

no deds?

=P some goodbye map.

This is laughable.

Not you, God's Reaper. This map was actually pretty sweet, enough for me to fave it anyways. Although you did spell Farewell wrong -_- I'm not dissing your state of mind either, if you want to leave, that's your decision and no one elses, and I respect that.

What is pathetic is how overblown this has become, like always, by people who, tbh, have no idea what's causing the problem.

Taco: Obviously more people come on here now, as there are more "noob" maps to push GR's off.

That's all I'll say on this, except I don't want you to leave forever Also, I'd never quit based on ratings and comments, because that's missing the point of mapping altogether.



Here's a tip: anyone who posts a "farewell" map guarantees their eventual return because they see the amount of attention they could be receiving. If you really want to leave, do it quietly.

The map is too standard, a combination of atob and GTM, but at least the middle drones were good. 3.
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i make maps for the fun of it

that pretty much sums up my speech ^^

awww c'mon...

i love ur maps...
whenever theres a gods_reaper map on the hot maps page...
its usually the first one i play :'(


...okay everyone is leaving because this community isn't what it used to be and that's a fact jack...pretty much all i do now is go to Nexx's maps and play the because he is one of those guys thats a true friend...also i go on here to use my favorites section i have about 430 maps that i just love...i say fuck ratings fuck comments...find a map that you like rate it a 5 and fav it for later in life when you want to come back to this game and have a shit ton of maps to choose from...if you play this game for fame then thats kinda ridiculous in my eyes... is my sluggish AGD and its also the only demo posted so far...5/5 easily...
Demo Data
you've made some good stuff in the short time ive been here ^^
...sniff sniff....
:/ i understand everyones comments

it'll be sad to see you leave :(
hopefully you will come back once in a while.


Understatement doesn't go down well on numa Happy Taco, maybe you could inject a bit more melodrama?

"oh and everyone is not leaving. look a little deeper"
he is right, were all making moa maps
i over exagreated on EVERYONE leaving, most had life expectations to leave, just seems like numas getting quiet lately and that affects us all in a way but we can make it through this
and though we can all want to be popular and want to be noticed by others, all were doing is dening ourselves.
i guess what im trying to say is we should not try to impress ppl, but live up to our own expectations first.
sure helpful criticism always helps push our learning curve, but what we think is the best epression u can get out of a map.
like making one laugh or cry with a map u make is what really makes me happy.
its like poetry, not to gain popularity, but to show your feelings through words and in this case, maps.
thats why i hurt for so long, i tryed impressing ppl without doing anything for myself and i broke from the pressure.
everyone wants to be in favs, but sometimes that doesnt happen, so u just have to live to your ideals, may that be beginner mapping or expert.
sure u dont get rates, but overall in that map u should say this to yourself "do ,I, enjoy this map" cuz sometimes u are the only one who will notice your work and u must hold that dearly

u are the controler of your story and u can make your maps favs without others caring, care for yourself


his first map. Less than a year ago.

/me agrees with MaxRide. Making maps is fun. So is having other people enjoy your maps. I really like it when someone plays something I made and enjoys it. Getting more known means that more people will play your maps and enjoy them.

Oh and everyone is not leaving. Look a little deeper


but none

r ever as good as this

i kno

how it is. sometimes im like o wow i made a good map then its off with no comments


kind of bland

also looks like a poor imitation of Nphasis. You had a map like this before if I'm not mistaken. Still not bad.




Everyone RCE his maps! I MEAN NOW!!!
lol 5/5

Don't go!!!!! You are awesome.

You spelled

farewell wrong. (Im not trying to be mean)


Everyone is leaving. Everyone.

Hush now

And leave...
theres just not as many ppl as there used to be

i remember the old numa had the favs runned by the ppl and afternoon step dragon had over 600 rates and comments and i also remember when my merry n'mas made the top 5 on that and i was thrilled and there was multiple rates

i think its just numa has lost interest in some and there just isnt that many ppl to rate and comment as there was 3 years ago, its like life, in the beginning everyone is there for u, but when your older and start to hit your retirement age, there are less and less ppl there and u start to dissapear

things have to change and sooner or later things die, numa will probably dissapear sooner or later and show up somewhere else, its just the facks of life =/



oh well. your loss.


And @MaximumRide

If you just wanted to play the game you would never come on NUMA. NUMA is about sharing your personal maps with others, and gaining "Fame" (For want of a better word).

If you are on NUMA then it would generally be said you want to be noticed as a map maker. If not then you would just stay on the game itself and wouldn't normally even make an account at all.

If you ever feel like coming back "Just do It!" Hopefully when AltArc is fully armed and operational you might join that =P

From Nspired "With Love"

we play the game for fun, not fame.
so just know they get noticed, but I usually cba to rate or comment. Sad to hear you're leaving though. Maybe come back once a month and drop in a friendly hello or something. I'll miss you.