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a feature. i have a few maps that is good anof for a feature. like mabey this one. and like 2 others.


StoneySmile. v
Thanks for playing my map, GR.


i get the same problem, only get comments or ratings on every 1/5 maps.


i know what you mean Gods_Reaper. i will miss you. =(

I agree Gods_Reaper

I find myself constantly commenting peoples maps, good or bad, trying to give criticism. I have probably Commented and rated 4 times as much as I have received. Gets annoying when all they care about are ratings yet they wont even return the favor.
is old numa when no matter how good or bad the map was there still 10+comments and i want that and if it ever comes back you might see me. like i try to play every map when im on. i comment just about EVERY MAP. (besides races lol) and i dont get like any comments. its so stupid.
averitizing helps, like not with asking ppl to look at your map, cuz ppl hate that, but put pictures in it draws ppls eyes in and they want to look
If there is a map you think will get few, if any, ratings, submit. If there is, say, a Yahoozy map, wait.

middle *ground
but ive had that same trouble, ive just tryed to set a time to submit maps, middle of the afternoon seems like a good time when i submit my maps and im mountain time so where ever u live thats probably 1 or 2 hours off

and ive tryed to get my name changed because i hate this name and emailed them but they wouldnt do anything so srry i cant help u with deletion

To be honest

this situation is kinda lame. I tried to quit (twice!) over ratings, but it doesn't work. In fact, I've disabled ratings from now on, so there is a middle round. On those maps, there are always good comments because nobody stresses about what to rate. There is really no reason to leave at the moment.
its probably been around like around 3years
so ive seen some good people go. Seen some good people Join as well.

i made a map

like 30 min in with in 3min my map was pushed off the hot page. and only 1 comment.
i know some had lifes to go to, but it is strange that everyone is leaving at the same time

plus not everyone is nooby, theres still ppl like me and roibe and others, i think im the only old n-artist left after n03 left =/

I really like this

the drones are great and its pretty fun. 5.

... =/

well good luck where ever your going =)

and try to convince all the other moderators to stay so there are some left since in the last month over 5 of them have left =)

accually hooha

im serious this time. and i dont know how to delete my account -.-
can someone tell me lol

heres a demo

the main reason is. there so much new noobie people and they make 5 maps an hour and bump all my maps right off the hot page and no one plays or rates. please post demos and rate.
Demo Data

you will be back

but goodbye for map too =]




It's too early for you to leave. :[
all the big players on n are leaving now

others i cant remember

whats is going on...?