Shades of Orange

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Author wulfgang
Tags author:wulfgang cmc2 conceptual playable puzzle unrated
Created 2009-03-28
Last Modified 2009-06-29
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Description For the conceptual map contest. Jump only, thwump propulsion.

I wasn't sure if I would have much time this week, so I basically made this map in advance and planned to adapt it to fit the theme. Turned out to be adventure, which was difficult, but I gave it some swirls and tried to make it like a trip through Dr Seuss land.

My first design was much more complex and clever, but pretty much unplayable because everything needed to be done perfectly. I toned it down into this.

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Sure, it's not neat, but it's finished.
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I remember Nspired

had a no jump map that got thwarted on concept points. Good luck.
Nice concept you brought us here,but not very clear exaples of thwump propulsion,I mean that you wante to give "that" effect/gameplay on map,but it didn't had the effect as you wanted,and you could expand the map,lot of unused space,but it would look bad,and I agree with karmap0lice,it's creative but gets annoying over time.
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I just couldn't get the las jump, but that's just me. the thwump propulsion idea is a ingenuic one, I think you should have expanded the concept more, with more thwump jumps. I definitely like this as compared to other jump-only's, whereas the tiles a rugged and rough and there are frequent chimney-esque jumps, where as this map utilized other objects.
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damnit lol, well theres my demo, forgot to post it last time, its a really nice map, and not that hard numaninja, you have to work a bit harder on the path
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That was painful.


close as well.
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that was the only way I could solve the top section. ;)

Nice demo

The way you solved that top section was very cool.


as far as I could get. Really, really like it.
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umm ok nice map m8 lolz im new at map making i was going to ask if you could play the maps i made and tell me what you liked and what i should work on if you would i would be most thankful :) also if you were to rate them that would be kool too


Strange demo. I didn't jump at the thwump either.
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That was my mistake, fixed.

this map would be impossible if it was no jump, I think you meant only jump, its pretty creative, but it gets kinda annoying, but it definately is creative


have fun.
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