The day that NUMA died...

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Created 2009-03-28
Last Modified 2009-03-28
by 40 people.
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Description This map is dedicated to all those who have been on NUMA. This map was brought on by the rising number of leavers and the new generation of users that would not know the history of NUMA.

Thanks to southpaw for this comprehensive list of users (and a cool picture too!)


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Wasn't finished on, what do you think now?




he isn't :/

one thing

zorn isn't on the image

NUMA hasn't died

I like IRC a lot more. In fact, most of the community hangs out there.

Found me.

I was eternal_midnight a longgg time ago.
Nice job! :)

Also, that image by southpaw is insane.

I haven't commented on this....
I feel like a douche

I've been here since fuckin '05 bitch.
Let's pm each other on the forums.
but still, wonderful tiles, love the broken arches theme on the outside. or whatever it is.


I'm on it! but i didnt really leave...


on the list? Cool.

by the way

i think this is all of them. if i missed any, tell me. i enjoyed your maps, especially the quick ones with AGD possibilities.

i will await more of your maps with interest. :)



I went through your favorites and found that youfaved some of my maps, thanks

wanna collab, if so drop me a tileset on FACEBOOK

I'm from the us



hasn't left. if you have please delete. he made a map bout 13 hours.


so true towards my bro


u wonder why i left, i knew it was leaning that derection and did so i didnt get caught up in a bad comment like teraza
I can see that now.


I'm not going to clean up comments here, as there are few that really need to be deleted and even those have aspects that pertain to the conversation.

As for you "making this map for art" I think a better approach would have been to dedicate this to your favourite mappers who have left the community and not just all the ones you could think of in general. Then it's personal to you and not the rest of the community. I'm sure more people would be saying, "Yeah, I miss rocket_thumped a lot. He made awesome maps," instead of, "Hey you missed a bunch of people and btw you did this for rates and btw there are a lot of new mappers so shaddup."
Just my opinion, I reckon.

no really

tktktk hasn't left read his/her profile
I would be much appreciative, though it doesn't really matter.
Okay I made this map as art not for rates, I ded'd to people that I knew who had gone, I asked people on #N if they could help and got a big fat NO. Also it is a list of people who have left NUMA not neccesarily the forums and IRC. And I wasn't implying that NUMA is dead, just that so many famous authors are leaving it feels like it is going in that direction.

Thanks for the comments those of you who actually meant what they said, thumbs down for teraza who needs to get a brain /seriously/


Oh and romaniac I wasn't being melodramatic it is art, it is what /you/ personally take out of the art that counts.


origami made a good list but i dont think tktktk left...


I personally don't think that NUMA is dead/dying; it's just changing "generations" from old mappers to new ones. There will probably be some not-as-great-but-still-ok maps in the near future, but once these new mappers find their place and style, there will be some good maps.



I love the tiles, they're really well done, excellent work
O_O 100+ comments
hahaha PNI, I hate your pic, but its so funny

oh, also

If you're going to do a map on all the wonderful authors that have left NUMA, you should do a /lot/ of research, because there are a lot of users that have left NUMA since its conception in 2004.

Here's a good list to start you off on a whole lot of great authors you probably never heard of:

;-; I forgot to put MacrossDreams on my list...


you also haven't been here for very long as well, so you have missed a lot of great mappers who have come and gone.
Also, you forgot whaleshow527.


I'd like to see a tribute to all the members who have been here at least 3 years and who are still mapping...
espada777777 used to spam maps like no other. He never really decided to become a good author until later.

godenAtor was banned for being a cock, multi-accounting, eventually becoming Evil_Sire, yadda yadda yadda.

Also, you're missing a lot of authors, like Barabajagal, MARIJNENANDRIES, krusch, qlexx, Jakel, remote, kamikaze3000, bolta1, miyoser, Orion_, GreenEggsAndHam, calamity7, VV33, Dark_Zero, apg, freik, McP3000, tktktk... etc.

I know a few of those guys have submitted maps quite recently, but Circle left quite recently as well, and rocket_thumped has submitted a map much more recently than some of those listed above.

^ ^

Faved For all of these comments...
The mines look retarded in the map, but everything else is great.